Saturday, September 5, 2009

August summer fun!

What do you do when your daughter is pointing to every single thing in her toybox and no matter what you give her to play with, she just keeps pointing? Stick her in there and eventually she'll find what she's looking for (after throwing everything else out of course!).

I'm trying to play catchup here since I failed to post in August. Paul and I took Savanna to one of the surrounding county fairs in August and daddy took her on her first Merry-Go-Round ride! She was pretty unsure about the whole thing and was gripping her daddy's shirt for dear life the whole ride, but we think she enjoyed it. Baby Reagan (a'hem - read "Mommy") enjoyed some fresh lemonade and greasy fair food and we all loved seeing all the animals and the dog-racing monkey-jockeys were the highlight of the day!


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