Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pregnancy update and my new wheels!

Update on me and baby Reagan...just like her older sis, she's already started creating havoc from inside the womb. I have a ton of pain in the pelvic region (I won't go into specifics), but basically sitting for extended periods of time (which I do Monday-Friday at my job) leaves me in aweful pain and I'm basically crippled and can't walk alot of the times while at work. I feel ok at home, although still pretty sore and painful, but at least I'm mobile. So pathetically enough, I had to go get myself a walker...yes, a walker...just like my 85 year old grandma uses. I'm trying to at least bling it out...maybe add a horn, rearview mirror, some beads and a feather boa. What I'd really love is a nice Hoverround or a Rascal, but unfortunately I'm only allowed 2 sets of new wheels at this time. So my first set of new wheels is my walker (see left picture) next set of new wheels is my minivan (*gulp*) that we should be getting here in the next week or two. Poor Paul has graciously agreed to give up the Wrangler (after ALOT of arm twisting and teeth pulling). and will drive our SUV and I'll be sporting a hot stylish minivan. I think Paul is having a more difficult time than I am, accepting this life-altering change and taking this enormous leap into a "family-friendly" mom-mobile.
OK, so anyways, that's the latest update on us. As of now, I'm planning on being induced again this time around, mostly because of the pain I'm in. So unless Reagan decides to come earlier on her own, we're looking at November 4th when I'll be exactly 38 weeks. Also, our hospital is 45 minutes away, and both my mom and sister's 2nd kids basically came flying out in about 20 minutes. I'd like to actually be AT the hospital, with the epidural nestled safely in my spine. Now, I'm sure in a bind, Paul would do a great job delivering this baby in the car, but we'd rather not take our chances!


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